img_0026Emer Griffin is a printmaker living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She grew up moving frequently and has spent time on both coasts, as well as in the desert and on the prairie before settling down by the lakes.  She graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa, where her studies encompassed art, theatre, language, and literature.  Emer has made her home in the Powderhorn neighborhood with her partner and their two children.


Artist Statement

I was brought up to value curiosity and the search for connections. My interests have ranged through art and science, history and philosophy. I find that art can sometimes carry truth more deeply home than talking or teaching. In my work I pursue images that are simple but encourage the viewer to look at simplicity more deeply, and then look again.

I find inspiration in the natural world, in the interactions between living things and their environment and how they shape each other. I am interested in the endless variations of repeated shapes, the interaction of color and form.